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Paralyzing Fear – Hanukkah 2019


Revelation Unmasked: The Interview


The Book of Ruth – Presented at Shavuot 2019


Was Yeshua a Human Sacrifice?


Why the Cross?


Yeshua’s New Exodus

Christianity has tended to focus on only the birth and death of Yeshua, ignoring or minimizing the life of Yeshua recorded in the Gospels. This creates a distorted image of the reality of what Messiah has done, especially since this tends to remove him from the Hebraic context and the climax of the story of…


Navigating Life with the Psalms

The Psalms are a sea of emotion. They range throughout many topics, including some that reflect situations in life where our faith is challenged. Sometimes their wording makes us a bit uncomfortable; it offends our religious sensibilities. In this teaching, we will reflect on different psalms which speak to various situations in our lives. This…