Power Points


The Gospel Cycle Breakdown of Readings


Here are all my power points available for free download in PDF format:

Legality of the Covenant Conference

Against Empire

A Gift of Fire and Blood

Apocalypse of God's Righteousness

Apocalyptic Thought in the Scriptures

Citizens of the Kingdom: The New Perspective on Paul

The Crucified Son of God

Covenant of Passover

Didache:  Training in First Century Conversion

Do THIS in Remembrance of Me

From Patmos With Love

The Gospel of the Suffering Servant

The Hem and the Garment

Honor in Marriage

To Know and Love Our King

Law and Order in Ancient Israel

The Legal Context of the Name

Marriage as a Covenant Series

Melchizedek, Hebrews, and the Jubilee

New Creation

Psalms as Torah

Restoring Honor Removing Shame According to the Temple Service

Rites of Passage

Ruth - The Reality of Our Broken World

Shavuot - Shadows of the Kingdom

Sin & Sacrifice Series

  1. Roadmap to Salvation  (  Regular    /  Printer Friendly )
  2. Sin & Forgiveness (  Regular  /  Printer Friendly )
  3. Yeshua Our Kinsman Redeemer (  Regular  /  Printer Friendly )
  4. Blood Manipulation in Ancient Israel (  Regular  /  Printer Friendly )
  5. Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Israel (  Regular  /  Printer Friendly )

Slavery and the Sh'mita

United in Torah Conference Power Points

The Weightier Matters of Torah

The Wrong Messiah

Yom Kippur and the Ancient Near East

Yeshua’s New Exodus