Logos Bible Software

A lot of people ask me which Bible software I use.  I use the Logos Bible Software program because of the amazing versatility and the massive amount of resources which are available for it.  While it is expensive, I have found that it saves me hours and hours of research.

Logos is set up as an account.  All of your purchases are linked to your account and will automatically install on any device which has the software (free) installed on it.  I personally have the software installed on my laptop, my wife's computer, my desktop, my tablet, and my phone.

Once you purchase a new book or another resource at Logos.com, it automatically onto all of your devices when they connect to the internet.  One thing to note is that all highlighting or other markups synchronize across all of your devices, so if you have others on your account, it is helpful to assign a different highlighting color to each user.

Here are the resources that I use along with links:

Bare Minimum Recommended Purchase:

  • Logos package of your choice depending on what you want to spend. You will need at least a Bronze level package in order to use most of the functionality shown in this video including the Greek to Hebrew tool.
  • Purchasing a subscription to Faithlife Connect Essentials is also a great investment as this will unlock all the features of the Gold level program without having to spend the money on Gold. You also get to access two video courses a year which is great for studying original languages! Faithlife Connect Essentials Pricing.
  • The Old Testament in Greek According to the Septuagint ($72)
    • This is a must!  This gives you the function of being able to translate from Greek to Hebrew and Hebrew to Greek with a fair degree of certainty.  When you do a Bible Word Study, it will display a chart that will show you all the Hebrew words that are translated into the Greek word (in the Septuagint) as well as the frequency.  Link to the module.
  • Choice of Reverse-Interlinear Bible ($10 each)
    • In order to use the awesome reverse-interlinear functionality, you need to purchase at least one Reverse-Interlinear bible.  Options include:  KJV, NKJV, NRSV, ESV, NASB


Other Recommended Resources