Ministry Schedule


If you would like to invite Ryan to teach at your local congregation, please email


  • I do not have a speaking fee, but please take into consideration that I support my wife and four boys, and I have to pick up fewer shifts at work in order to travel and teach. Please allow an offering to be taken up and if time is available outside of Shabbat, that I be able to make DVD teachings available for sale.
  • Please consider sharing my website with your congregation so that they can get familiar with me prior to me coming. This helps me to be able to go into more depth in the teaching(s).
  • I do ask that you help with travel expenses.
  • I prefer to maximize my teaching time, so if there are other congregations within driving distance, please consider reaching out to them to see if we can set up more meetings. I can teach Friday night, all day Shabbat, and Sunday morning usually. Also, if your congregation is interested, we could hold an intensive study during one of those times for those who want to go further in depth.
  • Any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Once you email me, we can also talk on the phone. I work night shifts and so my sleep schedule is never constant, so once we make contact via email, we can set up a call.