Do This in Remembrance of Me Complete Series

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Yeshua told his disciples, “This [bread] is my body, which is given for you, do this in remembrance of me.” What was the “this” that was to be done as a memorialization of Yeshua? Was the Last Supper an actual Passover meal, as Yeshua told his disciples, or was it simply another meal like the many meals he had eaten with his followers?

In this teaching, we will investigate the background of Passover, especially focusing on what exactly the sacrifice of the Passover lamb was and why the eating of the lamb made it a sacrifice. We will also look at development of the Passover and how a Passover Seder was performed in the time of Yeshua. We will look at many points that indicate the Last Supper was indeed a Passover meal and also discuss the objections to this statement.

This product contains 6.5 hours of study plus an one hour summary video.

Format: mp3 audio and mp4 video

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