From Patmos With Love – Shavuot 2020


John’s apocalyptic letter known as Revelation was written to seven very real churches in first-century Asia Minor. Why has this little fact been so overlooked when it comes to studies in Revelation? In this teaching, we will analyze the content of Revelation 2-3 and compare it to the historical reality and geography of these seven location. As we do this, we will see that John was not trying to give them a crystal ball look into a time that none of them would live to see, but rather he was speaking to their here and now. John’s message was one of encouraging perseverance while discouraging compromise and assimilation with the surrounding culture. When we look at the letter from this perspective, we will see that this amazing final book in the Bible has more to say to us about how we live our lives today than it does at foretelling our future. This is the third teaching of three recorded for the online Outpouring of the Spirit 2020 Conference hosted by Lion and Lamb Ministries. Due to time constraints, I was unable to cover all 7 churches and will do so in the near future with a full length teaching on this subject!

As for the mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand, and the seven golden lampstands, the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches... He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

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  1. Sinda Parkins on October 17, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    I listened to the 1st part. OMG!!! Your teachings are sooo good!!!! You bring understanding to difficult scriptures!!! The way you teach is what I need so I can retain!!!

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