The Gospel Cycle

This is a 52-week division of the Gospels + Acts that can be used to read these important books over a yearly cycle. I believe that it is absolutely important that we begin to read these 5 books on a yearly basis as a means of establishing a Torah-positive Gospel culture. I am also working on producing some videos for each portion and a series of books as commentary.

The following is my suggested division along with suggested names for each weekly portion. Feel free to modify as suits your needs.

PDF: Gospel Cycle

1New GenesisMatthew1-2
2Way in the WildernessMatthew3-4
3Torah on the MountainMatthew5-7
4Authority to Battle ChaosMatthew8-10
5Messiah RevealedMatthew11-13
6Miraculous FeedingMatthew14-16
7Transforming the KingdomMatthew17-19
8The King's EntryMatthew20-22
11The Time is FulfilledMark1-2
12Lord of the SabbathMark3-4
13The NazareneMark5-6
14Tradition, Tradition!Mark7-8
15Listen to My SonMark9-10
16Temple CleansedMark11-12
17The Lord's PassoverMark13-14
18An Empty TombMark15-16
19Investigating TruthLuke1-2
20The Coming OneLuke3-4
21Fishers of MenLuke5-6
22Anointed FeetLuke7-8
23The Sending OutLuke9-10
24Teach Us to PrayLuke11-12
25Sin and SufferingLuke13-14
26Lost and FoundLuke15-16
27Cleansed LepersLuke17-18
28The Coming KingLuke19-20
29Things to ComeLuke21-22
30Bearing the CrossLuke23-24
31Word Made FleshJohn1-2
32Born AgainJohn3-4
33A Sabbath StrollJohn5-6
34Righteous JudgmentJohn7-9
35The Good ShepherdJohn10-12
36Cleansed FeetJohn13-15
38King of the JewsJohn19-21
39Tongues of FireActs1-2
40The Prince of LifeActs3-4
41Faithful ServantsActs5-6
42Betrayers and MurderersActs7-8
44Peter's ReportActs11-12
45On MissionActs13-14
46Jerusalem CouncilActs15-16
47Contrary to CaesarActs17-18
49Zealous for the TorahActs21-22
50Paul on TrialActs23-24
51The Hope of IsraelActs25-26
52The Gospel in RomeActs27-28


  1. Terri Neely on October 17, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Excellent Ryan! Looking forward to diving deeper!!

  2. Nereida Romero on December 9, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Excellent, as always! Thanks for your passion, hard work and sharing!

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