The Role of the Redeemer – Restoring Honor


The Scriptures tell us that YHWH will redeem us, that He is our Redeemer and we know that it was Yeshua who is the actualization of this redemption. The question is, what is a "redeemer", what are the functions of the "redeemer", and who can be a "redeemer"? In this short teaching, we will look at the very first account of a redeemer in Genesis 38 and then will look at the three main roles of a redeemer and what the connection between the three roles.

If your brother becomes poor and sells some of his property, then his nearest kinsman may come and redeem what his brother has sold. If a man has no kinsman-redeemer, but he himself recovers and finds sufficient means to redeem it, then let him reckon the years since its sale and restore the surplus to the man to whom he sold it. Then he will return to his property. But if he is not able to get it back for himself, then what he has sold is to remain in the hand of the one who has bought it until the Year of Jubilee. Then in the Jubilee it should be released, so he may return to his property.

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